Here you can find the essentials of how to use Coursemology!

Description of Content

Title Description
1. Setup
  • How to setup your Coursemology Account
  • Setup the profile for your account
2. Coursemology Settings
  • Manage the Coursemology Instance's settings
3. Course
  • How to create a new course
  • Add new (students/instructors) to the course
  • Manage the users within the course
4. Assessments
  • How to create a new Assessment
  • How to create different questions in the assessment
  • What the interface looks like to the student and instructor
5. Submissions
  • Grading of submissions
  • How to make inline code review of student's code
  • Handling comments from students
6. Additional
  • Creating Announcements
  • Managing course material for the students to download
  • Creating achievements
  • Creating a new lesson plan (timeline for your course)
  • Creating a forum for discussion
  • Creating a survey to monitor feedback from students